Image Credits: Nate Beeler, Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch.

Think my headline sounds hysterical? If only…

Hundreds of Staten Island residents holding anti-vaccine signs and waving American flags gathered on Sunday across the street from where New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) was scheduled to speak at a campaign event for local Democrats. The crowd was angry about New York City’s vaccine mandate for municipal workers, which takes full effect on Monday.

But one attendee had another worry — that the city, like the state of California, will force children to get the coronavirus vaccine. So he offered an unnerving warning.

“If they’re going to push this on the kids … I can guarantee you one thing: Town halls and schools will be f—ing burned to the ground,” the man said in a video posted by freelance journalist Oliya Scootercaster.

The crowd clapped, cheered, banged on drums and raised their American flags.

The anti-vaxxers love children so much, they’re threatening to light schools on fire! Brings a whole new dimension to “it became necessary to destroy the town to save it,” eh? But it gets even better more dangerously insane.

More than 300 people attended Sunday’s rally, according to SILive. Many held signs that disparaged President Biden, and some attendees wore yellow Stars of David, an antisemitic symbol co-opted by anti-vaccine advocates who equate getting the shot to tragedies inflicted on Jewish people during the Holocaust.

Always with the Holocaust cosplaying—although these unstable, violent idiots are indeed wiping themselves out at an alarmingly efficient rate. But I digress—let’s see and hear what the anti-vaccin e crowd is all about!

Scootercaster’s video from Sunday’s rally, which had over 126,000 views on Twitter as of early Monday, shows a man wearing a blue shirt, a black vest, sunglasses and a red, white and blue hat that said “I pee in pools” surrounded by the crowd of demonstrators.

That’s an ADULT wearing that hat, by the way—and in public. I’m sure he’s popular with the ladies. It’s almost enough to make you laugh derisively, but then Peepee-Boy says

“In 1776 … nobody went to court. Anyone grabbed a gun, and they f—ing shot at each other!” he yelled.

“Yeah!” people in the crowd shouted back.

“And again, I do not condone violence and hope we don’t get there. I hope we don’t get there,” he continued. “But just understand that there are plenty of people that are ready to go there.”

“I do not condone violence, but I’m ready to get violent,” says the man who proudly (and presumably deliberately) wets his own pants as he imagines reliving the Rwandan Genocide here in the United States.

I’m making fun of these morons, but let’s face it: they are sick in the head and likely in the body, as they’ve refused to get vaccinated against deadly and highly contagious illness that can kill people. But the fact is, it’s not funny. These are dangerous lunatics—domestic terrorists, if we’re being honest—who have announced their intent to resort to violence. They will eventually have to be dealt with, hopefully before one of them murders a bunch of children by burning down a school. Sadly, I think it’s only a matter of time—especially when so many police and firefighters are on their side.

Then when it happens, the police—and the media—will collectively cry “Who could have predicted?”

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