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If I hadn’t been so swamped that I really barely paid much attention to the election outcomes (my take – it’s a bit of a mixed bag), and am still feeling like I am running behind. So it goes. I’ll manage. Always have. In the meantime, here’s REM covering a song by Wire:

I love the original by Wire (it has a very art-school vibe to it, as far as punk songs go), but this one is a fun listen. REM decide to be more up-tempo and add something of a post-Byrds vibe to the song. Unlike the original, REM’s cover is one I can easily imagine dancing to. And like some other acts I’d been following as the 1970s ended and the 1980s progressed (e.g., B-52s, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers), REM were representatives of a “New South” that has never really quite taken off the way I would have hoped. As someone with strong Southern ties, no matter where I live, I also want to see a South that is no longer regressive. We all have dreams, I guess.

Anyway, it’s still Wednesday in my time zone, so I just barely make the deadline for posting. Cheers, everyone.

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