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Greetings, all who visit this space. This is the title track to Don Cherry’s mid-1970s LP Brown Rice. The whole LP is worth listening to, especially if you like to hear at least what some of avant-garde jazz was sounding like at the time. Although the music in the video that follows sounds very much as an artifact of the 1970s, it received something of a revival in the 1990s. DJs and musicians who were part of the acid jazz scene began to rediscover songs like this one as they dug through the used LP crates. In fact, a subgenre of jazz, called kozmigroov became something of a thing for much of the 1990s and the early aughts.

Let’s listen:

You can learn a bit more about kozmigroov here. Enjoy!

The bar is open, and the turntables are all yours to spin. Cheers!

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