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Jah Wobble, perhaps best known for his brief stint as PiL’s bassist from 1978 until 1980, has had a moderately successful career for the last several decades. He continues to release new material, sometimes with his band Invaders of the Heart, and sometimes in collaboration with others, including his wife. His latest single, “Last Exit,” harkens back to his postpunk days. The video is appropriately apocalyptic:

While we’re at it, I’ll throw in a video of Invaders of the Heart covering “Public Image” (an iconic postpunk classic by Wobble’s former band, PiL):

A lot of the musicians I admire are maybe a decade older than me. Some are contemporaries. As Sinead O’Connor, who was roughly my age, recently reminded all of us, none of us is around forever. Let’s be grateful for those artists in our lives who remain vibrant well past their prime in terms of record sales or streams (which seems to be the thing now), and who continue to create. The world is a little brighter because of them.


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