The seventh episode of the Progress Pondcast is now available. Brendan and I had some minor sound problems on this one which I hope you will excuse. I tore down my home studio to make way for Thanksgiving celebrations and when I rebuilt it we somehow had our levels out of whack. This episode is pretty wide-ranging, covering the deaths of Sandra Day O’Connor and Henry Kissinger, the downfall of George Santos and ongoing agony of Kevin McCarthy, the resumed war in Gaza and Israeli foreknowledge of the October 7 massacres, and also the strange and criminal sexual predilections of the moral scolds behind Moms for Liberty.

Also discussed are Brendan’s successful marathon run (in a personal best time) and the new single his band The No Good Crowd has just released, which is available here.

Please give our latest effort a listen, and also please like and subscribe. Thank you, as always.

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