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I am so Fucking Happy it is Sickening!!

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I know all of you frog marchers are pink clouding lately, and of course it is all rumor and nothing solid has happened yet as I have reminded some.  My mescaline arrived today though!  Sorry I’ve been so hard on ya’ll.  You guys have lovingly embraced me in my I HATE IRAQ AND THE WHOLE THING IS KILLING ME CRUSADE and I am forever grateful and would like to share my favorite rumor with you guys.

But Sheehan vowed to turn up the heat by returning to the front gate of the White House as soon as the death toll of American soldiers hits 2,000 (as of Thursday, the Department of Defense reported 1,982, including the five killed Wednesday). “I’m going to deliver a speech and then I’m going to get arrested. And when I get out I’m going to go back and get arrested,” Sheehan told the Voice.

Sheehan said she now believes lobbying and marching in the streets is no longer enough and that “nonviolent civil disobedience is the way we have to go” to end the war.

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