Author: RichRandal

What’s Your Price To Kiss Some Ass?

What’s Your Price To Kiss Some Ass?

Maybe you have a bad job now: low pay, stupid boss, stupid clients. Or, maybe you have no job, and the tension with the family is BAD.

So, you here about this job. It utilizes your skills. But, it is clear you will have to try to pass as a Kool-Aid addict.  Maybe it’s something like a Program Manager at KBR. (Kellogg, Brown, and Root/Halliburton.)  You know, upscale grooming and wardrobe,  reactionary small talk, martinis, golf. The job is for two years.  

What’s your price?

$100K/year?  More, Less?    

I hate ass-kissing.  I gotta say in all honesty,  I’d start thinking about it at $150K/year.   AArgh – my self-esteem just exploded!!!

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