Mayor Wim Deetman expressed great joy that an agreement has been reached between the Foreign Office and the US State Department, to move the US Embassy from its present location at Lange Voorhout near the Dutch Parliament Buildings, Offices of the Dutch Prime Minister Jan Pieter Balkenende and Mauritshuis museum.

Photo shows from left: Mauritshuis, Tower office
of PM and to the right the buildings of Parliament

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The Hague – May 2, 2005 — “We want to return to the citizens of the The Hague, the beautiful Voorhout promenade for Sunday strollers”. A dream come true, De Lange Voorhout is one of Europe’s most beautiful lanes lined with trees and the location of many festivities during the opening of Parliamentary year Prinsjesdag on the third Tuesday of September.

Dutch Queen Beatrix, her entourage and De Gouden Koets – Golden Coach – is a highlight for visitors and Hagenaars alike.

In the past years, the US Embassy has taken severe security measures, provided by the Dutch government, that causes great upheaval of traffic, congestion of roads or complete blockage when another alert has been given. On such occasions, armoured vehicles and troops from nearby military camps move in with the support of low-flying helicopters and F-16’s in the sky for additional support.

In the past, The Hague has experienced an hostage taking at the French Embassy by the Japanese Red Army terrorists, bombing by ETA of the Spanish consulate, occupation of Indonesian and Turkish Embassy buildings and other close-calls and escapes. The security of the Israeli Embassy is always of a concern, as well as other consulates, dependent on the alert of global politics. At the notorious prison of Scheveningen nearby, also a hostage taking had taken place. It’s also the location for imprisonment of convicts and suspects in the UN Yugoslav trials of the Criminal Court of Justice.

Many neighbors of the US Embassy show no regret and can hardly wait until the year 2010 arrives for the definite date the new embassy will be ready. Lange Voorhout is a favorite location for tourists and locals to spent time during lunch or early evening, for a romantic dinner in one of many restaurants in the area. The renowned theater Koninklijke Schouwburg,   Bureau of Economic Advisors Ape, and owners of nearby reastaurants also expressed their delight. Some have considered moving out of the area, others had no other option and have left already.

NEW LOCATION a stone’s throw from Oui’s home!

On a spread of 10 acres of beautifully landscaped, agricultural area and park of Clingendael,   a complete new designed US Embassy will be located on the borderline of the City of The Hague and Wassenaar. These are also historic grounds of the Dutch patriciers in the Golden Age, where the mansions and parks are the only memories left. The citizens of The Hague have a stroll in the surrounding parks, during lunch break from offices nearby or the local residents enjoying a walk in the parks, leaving the hustle and bustle of city life behind.

Agricultural area in the city? Yes, there is still some farmland, with grazing sheep announcing the dawn of another spring when they give birth to a new generation, the farmer with some dairy cows, poultry for fresh eggs, situated just minutes from city centre. These farm acres are joined by several parks, sport grounds and the broadest part of the dunes, which protect the city of Wassenaar from the tides of the North Sea. Incidentally, most likely also protecting our house.

Old City of The Hague in Middle Ages

APPENDIX — More reading on the Netherlands and its capitol The Hague

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