FINAL RESULT: YES: 38.4% – NO: 61.6%

Turnout much higher than expected: 63%
Polls predicted about – 32%, EU Election 2004 – 39.1%

Dagblad Trouw – Statistics

Turnout Statistics per Province

Referendum Result in 40 Largest Cities – Image to printer

My personal feeling — this is unbelievable! A great disappointment.

Many Dutch voters determined at the very last minute how they would vote. No voters switched over to the YES camp today. The Netherlands has a responsibility to meet in Europe, as one of its supporters and founding members. The Dutch are also a country oriented outward toward Europe, with few borders for an exporting nation, closely tied to Germany’s economy.

The disappointment to the Dutch, has been the lack of trust by larger countries of the European Union: Germany, France and Italy, who did not keep their promise in the Stability pact. Per capita, the Dutch citizen is the highest contributer to the EU, more than twice the amount of the second nation. Therefore, the special arrangement granted Margareth Thatcher and Great Britain, hurts every citizen in the Netherlands on an everyday basis.

JP Balkenende: Press Conference after Dutch NO vote on EU Charter!

The following motivation of the Dutch NO vote will be made known to colleagues within the EU —
● Netherlands fears loss of its sovereignty
● Expansion of EU has gone too fast
● EU Brussel should not cross national policy
● Democracy of EU parliament should be greater
● Financial sacrifice of EU contribution for Dutch too large.

Dutch Government Withdraws Proposal for Ratification of EU Charter to Parliament!

Dutch Parliament would have voted YES with 128 votes and 22 NAYs!

For the latest news, I’ll attempt to keep my eye on the ball, read beyond the fold …

BBC News — Dutch Debate on EU Future!

Chirac & PM Jan Peter Balkenende:

Vote “YES” in referendum on EU Charter, not a vote on domestic issues
YES – Hope for Peace and a united Europe with new EU Constitutional Charter
Don’t vote NO for domestic reasons of present woes

  • do not succumb to fear for new member Turkey in 2020
  • unease due to cost of €uro introduction in 2002 and higher prices
  • rejection of frugal financial policy due to stalled economic growth
  • dissatisfaction in general to combat racism, crime and ghettos in municipalities.

    Europe Day — 60 years of Peace

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  • NOS TV – News EU Charter Vote & In-Depth File
  • Netherlands American Society of South Cal

    Press Summary Today:

    Trouw’s inside section has a massive banner headline in the form of a nicely colour-coded list (green for yes, red for no) with four main arguments on each side:

    The green ‘Yes’ section tells us:
    ● Europe will be simpler
    ● Europe will be more democratic
    ● Europe will be fairer
    ● Europe will have more influence

    While the red ‘No’ section says:
    ● Europe will remain unclear
    ● Europe will stay expensive
    ● Europe doesn’t care about individuals
    ● Europe revolves around the big member states


    I loved the diaries on the French Vote and EU Charter from Jerôme à Paris, first of all because of his sig name, and secondly love at first sight on my visit, I too fell in love with Paris.

    In the Netherlands, the coming three days I will follow local politics more closely than usual, to cover the poltical discussion in the Low Countries, also known as Pays Bas to the French.

    Please put forth any question and I’ll provide you an answer.

    Across Europe

    The Dutch will vote on a non-binding referendum on Wednesday June 1st, have clear support for a YES vote from the largest opposition Labor party PvdA and the Labor Unions. The polls still indicate the NO votes are leading with 58%. The result in France adds a new slogan to the Dutch campaign: “Say NO to the French and YES for the EU Constitution Charter”.

    Polls in Poland and Denmark indicate a large majority for the YES vote! Especially surprising for Denmark, as the Danish people had many misgivings about the EU and the single currency of the €uro.

    BBC In Depth — French voters reject EU charter

    French voters have overwhelmingly rejected the European Union’s proposed constitution in a key referendum.
    Almost 55% of people voted “Non”, with 45% in favour, according to final interior ministry figures. The vote could deal a fatal blow to the EU constitution, which needs to be ratified by all 25 member states.  

    President Jacques Chirac accepted the voters’ “sovereign decision”, but said it created “a difficult context for the defence of our interests in Europe”. Mr Chirac said that “Voters had registered their frustrations, and he would take a decision on the future of his centre-right government in the coming days”, hinting at a possible reshuffle.

    NON 55%
    Late on Sunday jubilant “Non” supporters gathered at the Place de la Bastille in Paris – where the French Revolution began – chanting “we won” and sounding horns.

    Those who rejected the treaty came from across the political spectrum, including Communists, dissident socialists and right-wing parties. One of the leading right-wing opponents of the treaty, Philippe de Villiers, said: “Europe has to be rebuilt. The constitution is no more.” He urged Mr Chirac either to stand down or dissolve parliament.


    A Flawed Referendum, Not Democracy
    It’s not an issue of democracy, the majority of the French are FOR European integration. The choice of a referendum was a poor one. “Oui” or “Non” for the EU Constitutional Charter is not what the French voted, although the new charter is a vast improvement over the present Nice Agreements and tailored for the EU with its 25 member states.

    The political decision of necessity to re-unite Europe after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, has somehow caught the citizens of Europe by surprise for its ramifications in the economic union. We all like to spend our vacations in those poor countries because of the low cost, including Turkey, but to accept responsibility for a united Europe, everyone suddenly felt the pinch in one’s wallet.

    The opposition forces in France, especially the Communists, labor unions and far left socialists, prefer large subsidies by the French government to keep Credit Lyonnais, Renault, Peugeot, Alsthom, Bull from sinking. The agricultural sector have a love for the large EU subsidies to keep the farmers farming the way their dad’s generation were kept a guaranteed income by the state. No thought about the long-term effect for third-world nations who can’t compete with subsidized EU products.

    On the opposite political spectrum, the right-wing Le Pen had no problem with his racist views to get 15% of the population to vote “Non”.

    ETTORE FERRARI/EPA — Tony Blair believes
    the French No vote cannot be revived by a
    British Yes in a referendum.

    Blair Leads EU Presidency

    ”The constitution is dead”, Blair tells a chastened Chirac. Key points:

  • British PM heads for trouble over EU constitution
  • Tony Blair feels that France’s NO has killed off EU plans
  • British referendum may or may not go ahead

    Story in full
    TONY Blair has started a behind-the-scenes attempt to kill the European Union constitution – defying growing international pressure to carry on with a British referendum.

    The Prime Minister is heading for a battle with a series of EU leaders as a result of his insistence that the constitution has perished with France’s No vote on Sunday, and that it cannot be revived by a British Yes.

    He is facing angry calls from Greece, Ireland, Spain and Luxembourg to press ahead in the hope that French voters may change their minds in a second vote if the question is phrased differently.

    Blair did not want issue of a French NON vote as a distraction for his EU agenda. The Dutch will now surely follow with a “NEE”, both nations are founding members of the EU Six: Germany, France, Italy and the Benelux countries.

    Robert Schuman Monument in Brussel

    Dutch TV and Media Coverage of French NON!