Update [2005-7-22 20:30:7 by Oui]:
88 persons killed and nearly 200 wounded

Latest News – Egypt Blasts Kill   88

A CHRONOLOGY – Attacks on Tourist Targets in Egypt   (Reuters)

Sharm el-Sheik Attacks – Latest News to be found at diary »»

  • Sinai bombs kill 45, hurt 200 ◊ by Sirocco @ European Tribune
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    London Bombing :: Perfect Timing

    July  7 – G8 Summit to advance USA/UK policy on terror/Iraq
    July 11 – Israel and Sharon seizes the opportunity, annexation of East-Jerusalem
    July 13 – UK presidency of EU from July 1 to advance security policy
    July 16 – UK visit by Karzai, PR speak has been coordinated: It’s not Iraq
    July 19 – UK Home Secretary Clarke forges anti-terror consensus
    July 21 – Bush promotes Patriot Act, House approves
    July 22 – Howard London visit in support of Blair Iraq policy

    USA/UK Iraq policy and appeasement

    “July/August 2005 — Brits and Americans rally behind their leaders who took the nations to a military adventure in Iraq. Polls indicate an increase in approval rating of both Blair and Bush.”

    Pew Research Center

  • Support for Terror Wanes Among Muslim Publics

    UPDATES and LINKS on the London Bombings

    The master bomber’s backup
    It is entirely plausible that the master bomber would not have relied solely on the timer. If a timer failed to detonate one of the bombs, a dupe would be left alive and in possession of the evidence. A simple fail-safe detonator might also have used a mobile phone, perhaps the same one used as the timer in each of the bombs.

    The London Tube system is not equipped for mobile phone reception, but if the master-bomber backed up the timer by sending a text message to the four bombs, the message would have been delivered to the bomb detonators as soon as the unwitting bomber left the underground and entered a mobile phone reception area on the surface.

  • Suicide Bombers or Murdered Men? LONDON BOMBING
    by suskind @ Daily Kos

  • BBC News – London Attacks In Depth
  • Northeast Intelligence Network


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  • Explosives Used in London Bombings ‘originated in the Balkans’
  • UK Faces Terror Risk Because of US Alliance ¶ Chatham House Report
  • Innocent Until Proven Quilty ¶ Ordinary Lives of “Suicide bombers”
  • Al Qaeda & Richard Reid Link ¶ London Explosives type TATP ¶ Updated!
  • Cause: US-UK Invasion of Iraq Blowback
  • US War Propaganda ¶ LONDON – It’s Al Zarqawi!
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