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Texas Trumpies to lose their land, are very sad.

I realize it’s not nice to point and laugh, but here’s a video I did for Raw Story about the very sad and silly Texas Trumpies who learned Dear Leader was serious about the wall, and that it’s getting built on land that Trump intends to take from them via eminent domain. Also, too: I’m…

“Corn. Miles and miles of corn.”

During my misspent youth in Rhode Island, my buddies and I had this ongoing joke about the midwest. “Why, I’m from Indiana,” one of us would say. “And ya know what we got there?” “Corn. Miles and miles of corn,” the rest of us would chime in. So when I saw the news that our…

Trump Tax

President Trump is going to start a trade war with Mexico. This is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard, and even Lindsey Graham agrees. Mexico makes so much of the shit we enjoy, and Trump’s tax is not only gonna make beer more expensive (yes, you heard me) but even a fucking spaghetti…

Let’s Have Some Music

It’s cold and snowing here in Philadelphia today, and I am thinking about tropical climates. So, here’s Motorhead singing about Mexico.

What are your favorite songs that make you think of warm weather? Open thread!