After a little hiatus due to mutual scheduling and a few technical difficulties, Brendan and I are back to podcasting, or pondcasting as we call it in these watery parts. In our tenth episode, we recap Trump’s second day in court which the New York Times called “dismal.” It was dismal for Trump and equally dismal for his lead lawyer Todd Blanche, you must be privately seething at his client as a result.

We have amusing diversions on things like tattoos, Tennessee, and birtherism along the way, but we’re primarily focused on the hush money trial and the current state of the Republican Party? How did it get to this point? If you didn’t follow along with the gag order hearing and David Pecker’s testimony on Tuesday, the episode will catch you up and make you laugh at the same time, and there’s plenty to laugh at even if the overall picture for our country is pretty damn serious.

We talk about the circumstances that could land Trump in jail both during and after the Stormy Daniels trial, and also what to expect when Daniels takes the stand. You’ll definitely want to check it out. You can listen on Apple or Spotify.

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