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A Tale of Two Trumps

This one took forever to make, and I nearly gave up. Pardon any weird transitions, the Powtoon platform has its issues. That said, I think this one is my most ambitious pieces yet. “

The Congressional Review Act

Wondering how the Republicans are able to so quickly and efficiently destroy Obama’s legacy and cut funding for Planned Parenthood? It’s all about the Congressional Review Act, which I explain in this little animation I made for Raw Story.

Remembering Chuck Berry

As most of y’all know I publish my Raw Story videos here at Still Calling when I get the chance. We recently switched platforms, and now I’m using Powtoons. I’ll immediately concede I’m not the best animator out there (thank god I don’t have to draw my own characters, or I would be well and…

Remember the Maine!

Here’s a quick video I did today for Raw Story about the incident that sparked the Spanish American War, gunboat diplomacy, and the American Empire: the explosion that destroyed the USS Maine in 1898. I did a test run with the public domain song about the incident, but the singing took away from the text.…