After many hours of Booman Tribune involvement, I have come to the conclusion that while it showed a lot of promise, there are some aspects with which I cannot put up.

Like, um, one of the yellow pixels in the logo pisses me off.  It should be blue.

I used to have high hopes for the Booman Tribune, the frog, the dog, the few number of recommends to get a recommended diary.  But you know what… if my diary isn’t recommended by now who am I trying to fool… you are obviously bad-liberals rather than the good kind I have come to expect.  That is obvious.  Good people don’t not recommend something because it is crud, they recommend it BECAUSE it’s crud to inspire the recommender.  Or is that the recommendee?  I lost track of my complaint.

I mean who is booman trying to fool, obviously this site, while appearing to be about me (I see my own name to the right) is really about not-me.  This just isn’t acceptable in a me-shaped universe.

It was nice while it lasted.
Actually I’m checking it daily.  Just thought I’d get this out of the way and be the first one ever to write a Goodbye Cruel World Diary at Booman Tribune.  And if someone points out I’m not actually the first, well that’d just be typical wouldn’t it… and prove my point as well.  The point about the Booman Tribune being insufficiently aboutmeary.

Mind you, I’m sick of my (discourse) addictions being exploited in this way but. if the high is good I’ll be there… you bastards.

I swear I’ll write a serious diary soon.  Or I’ll come up with an explanation of why this was in fact serious.  Or I’ll melt.

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