This is NOT political so you have the option now of clicking away.

Otherwise, this is kinda funny.
I have been expecting my second grandchild for the past week. My daughter and I are in Atlanta and my son, his wife and my first grandson are in Alexandria, VA. So the plan was: when we heard that labor had started, my daughter and I would grab our bags, jump in my car and drive up — most probably before the baby would be born given the length of natural childbirth.

So, it’s St. Patrick’s Day and my daugher works in an Irish Pub. I call her cell phone and leave a message then I call the Pub. The woman who answered said, “I can’t even see her,” at the top of her lungs, “I can’t even see the opposite wall! I’ll tell her you called if I can find her!”

And where was I when I got the call from my son? In my local Pub, of course. So driving is quite simply out of the equation.

Ah well, best laid plans oft go awry, some Scot said that and they’re related to the Irish altho they hate to admit it.

The up side is that this grandchild is likely to wait until after midnight and come into the world on my birthday.

Just thought I’d share and if this is not appropriate to the site… well, fuck it.

Update: It’s a boy! And he waited until 1:18 am so it’s a happy birthday for me.

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