We all have heard what a hornet’s nest Gavin Newsom created when as mayor he started allowing gay marriages in the City of San Francisco.  DiFi excoriated him publicly for jumping the gun.  He has been blamed for the Democratic defeat last election.
But I just watched his interview on MSNBC’s Hardball–and he is great!  Tremendously poised and intelligent, answering Tweety’s rapid fire questioning with quick responses.  He is tough, no nonsense and very telegenic.
I used to think he was finished politically, that although he could have had DiFi’s seat, he threw it all away on a foolish grandstanding stunt.  But he is so good he might be able to recover from this.

And, public opinion is rapidly changing on the issue of gay marriage, so he may be able to look back and say he got it right.

[This is cross-posted from dKos–this is not a great diary; just something on a Friday night.  But Booman wanted some diaries, so here it is.]

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