Agence France Presse — a subscription-only news service — “has sued Google Inc., alleging the Web search leader includes AFP’s photos, news headlines and stories on its news site without permission.” (Reuters)

The French news service is seeking damages of at least $17.5 million and an order barring Google News from displaying AFP photographs, news headlines or story leads, according to the suit filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

“We allow publishers to opt out of Google News but most publishers want to be included because they believe it is a benefit to them and to their readers,” [said] Google spokesman Steve Langdon . …

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Franc-ly speaking, I’d like to see more AFP’s reports in U.S. news. One of the few that regularly uses AFP is Democracy Now!. (Hope Amy pays them.)

Besides admiring how Agence France Presse just rolls off Amy’s tongue — maybe almost as well as Jerome a Paris? — my ears perk up because I know it’ll be a story uncommonly reported in the U.S. that Amy has picked up and run with.

Should AFP sue? Should AFP encourage Google because it’s the best free publicity they could possibly get?

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