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I’m freaked out. it’s hard to talk after that episode. The crudeness and cruel pain of 19th century medicine is relieved only by the doc’s incredible abilities and persistence. (If Brad Douraf doesn’t win an Emmy this time ’round….)

Then there is Alma’s broken heart in a place, and a time, where there is nowhere for her to seek solace or a friendly ear. Alma lashes out at the governess only because there is nowhere else for her pain and anger to be unleashed and only then, at that, behind closed doors. The governess, hampered to begin with by a stifled personality, listens only because she must be polite to her employer. The child cannot understand. And Seth’s pantomime as a sheriff — indifferent to his regular duties — and as a husband and father, rather perfunctorily, make her pain even more searing.

Booman, I had many interruptions and will watch the episode again. I always do because it’s too easy to miss dialogue the first tmie ’round, and i get so much more out of 2nd and 3rd viewings. But I don’t understand the con going on with Joanie and the new madame and Hearst’s representative. Or is the con with Sy’s new bed mate?

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