I did.  

And I don’t know why.

And if you did, I suspect that you don’t know why either.

But I’d like to get you to talk about it.

Here’s what I mean:
Howard was a centrist.  He was more closely aligned with Clinton than Nader or Kucinich.

But I’ll bet that if you examine your own positions on the relevant issues, you probably had more in common with Kucinich than you did with Dean.

War?  Dean said we couldn’t pull the troops.  Only Kucinich called for an immediate withdrawel.

Taxes?  Dean was for going back to the Clinton era tax structure.  He said nothing about the payroll tax or other alternatives to alleviate the burden placed upon the working poor.

Living wage?  Kucinich thought it made sense.  Dean didn’t talk about it.

The same points can be made for environmentalism, kabor issues, national health care, education funding and so many others…  Kucinich was the liberal.  Dean was the centrist.  I’m a liberal.  So why Dean?

I’m tempted to say it was charisma and his San Francisco speech – the one that featured the refrain “what I want to know is….”

But that would make me shallow and easily hooked.  Blech – I don’t want to admit that.  At least i don’t want to be the first one…  anyone else wanna have a go at it?

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