I posted on this last night but I didn’t get a whole lot of response (although I did get some good tips).  I am looking to add a ‘world’ section to my blogroll and am looking for good international blogs.  Any suggestions are welcome.

Everything seems to be going well.  We had a lousy day for new members (are y’all forgetting to tell your friends?) but we have a new Italian and a new Brit in the house.

If anyone knows people that advertise on blogs, this site is a major bargain right now, and the rates are going up soon.  So get the word out!

And thank you all for being such a great bunch.  I was looking at the mojo tables and we have no one with a rating under ‘3’, and almost everyone has a perfect ‘4’ rating.  Is anyone a trusted user yet?  I gotta look into how long it takes and how many comments you have to have rated.
Post Script: Today I have had to try to arbitrate my first dispute here at BooTrib and it wasn’t a process I particularly enjoyed. But it comes with the job.

And I just want to disseminate a new rule based on my semi-collected thoughts:

Not everyone is as smart as you.
Not everyone one is as well informed as you.
Not everyone writes as well as you.

And I don’t care how dumb, ignorant, and illiterate you are, there is someone, somewhere who is more so.

So, when it comes to having disagreements and debates and discussions…this is the rule:

Don’t be a prick.

Don’t act in a way that would get you punched in the face or thrown out of a dinner party. Don’t treat other people with disrespect even if you think they are stupid and ill-informed.

Don’t mock someone because they have trouble expressing themselves.

Don’t be a prick.

That’s the rule.

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