“My fellow Americans… the events two days ago at Red Lake High School in Red Lake Minnesota are indeed a tragedy for us all to bear. My heart goes out to both the victims and the survivors.

Oftentimes in a tragedy of this magnitude, we are left only with our faith in a devine order to all things, and many questions for which there are no good answers.”

“It is at times like these that I am forced to bend a knee in prayer, and on this occasion, I can say that God has truly spoken to me.

There are many among us who would seek to ridicule me for this, but to them I say simply… hear me out.

The sixteen year old boy who is presumably responsible for this tragedy returned to the High School from which he dropped out… God has told me that he is not happy with No Child Left Behind.

His Grandparents, who were trying to raise him were still working to try to make ends meet because they had no retirement… God has told me that he is not happy with Social Security privatization.

The boy’s parents, victims of suicide and head trauma were not able to raise him… God has told me that he is not happy with health care in America.

The boy never saw a ray of hope of betterment in life while living in the poverty of a reservation…God has told me that he is not happy with racism and greed.

The only solution this poor boy saw was to take up a gun and kill… God has told me that he is not happy with fear and War.

In the coming weeks you can expect drastic changes in America, for the good of us all. For those of you whom I once considered my enemies, hear me now, I am ready to admit my mistakes and I will welcome your thoughts and suggestions as to how we can together answer God’s call. For tonight, remember your children, talk to them, love them, and give them a hug. Goodnight, and may we someday find God’s blessings again.”

What the hell, HE hasn’t said anything yet, so I thought I’d say it for him… a guy can dream can’t he?

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