Over at Dkos, DCDemocrat has written a magnificent requiem for Archbishop Romero, who was murdered as he celebrated Holy Thursday Mass 25 years ago today.

If you have no idea who Archbishop Romero was, or why so many progressives spit fire at the mention of John Negroponte or Elliot Abrams, read and be appalled.

Then, get to work.

The struggle for the poor, the disenfranchised, the forgotten ones is never ending. It has claimed many martyrs. But before Oscar Romero was a martyr, he was just a man awakened to his destiny. What destiny might you have, unexpectedly, if you let yourself take it?

As one who was there observed, "Thousands of people were applauding him, and you could see him grow stronger. It was then that he crossed the threshold. He went through the door. Because, you know, there is baptism by water, and there is baptism by blood. But there is also
baptism by the people."

Where do we start?

Start wherever you are.
In your family. In your neighborhood. In your world. There are wounds close to hand that need healing. Truths too long ignored that need telling.

In every moment there is a choice to make. To heal, or to maim. To build or to burn. To embrace or to cast away. There will be moments we falter. Because humans do falter.

But there is always another moment. Another chance. We just have to take them.

Where is YOUR next chance?

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