I first knew I was a liberal during the Clinton years, before that I thought I was an Independant.
I had not paid too much attention to politics till those years, and when I saw that amazing man come on the scene, I was thrilled, but still saw myself as independant.
Then as the times passed (it didn’t take too long at all) and as the attacks began in earnest, I started to really pay attention.
I was frankly disgusted with all of it, all that went on for the entire 8 years and still continues to this day, somewhere, someplace.

As I saw his friends and business partners, everyone connected to him held under suspicion of one kind or another, conspiracy theories bouncing everywhere, I knew I was no longer an independant.
I had to align myself with the Democrats.  They seemed the most sane, the most balanced, the most concerned about their fellow man and the least vindictive and obstructive.
The impeachment proceedings further cemented my postion as I watched in horror that sad day in our nations history.
That is when I first began to see the Republicans, not as the party of the people as I was told as a young child in the 50’s, by my very republican family, but as a active, living, breathing, dragon that was not looking out for the best interests of this country or of me as an individual.
Then the Bush years, well that speaks for itself, doesn’t it.
Well there’s a lot more to this story but I’d like to hear yours.  When did you first know you were a Liberal and why.

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