(APE)George Bush speaking at Chippewa Tribe Council Hall

Bush Addresses Grieving Red Lake Families
By An Geredone

03/25/05 RED LAKE, MN (APE) – In a surprise pre-dawn move early this morning, the President flew onboard Air Force One to the Minneapolis St Paul International Airport. From there he journeyed by motorcade to the sleepy town of Red Lake, home of America’s most recent mass killing, the worst of it’s kind since Columbine, in April of 1999.

After arriving there, he participated in a smoke ceremony with the local Chippewa elders in remembrance of the victims.

“As many of you may already be aware,” said Mr. Bush, “I spoke yesterday about how this tragedy has affected me personally. Seeing the faces here, of our Native American Brethren, I become aware of the work that is yet to be done. The youths of the Chippewa Nation, and for that matter, all of our youths must never face such a horrible fate again. Indeed, our beliefs in God, Allah, or Buddha… whatever you may choose to call our creator, must sustain us during these times of pain.”

“I invite all Americans to participate in my epiphany,” stated the President, “and this I will pledge to you on this Good Friday… there will be no more fear. No more fear of our families living and dying in pain, poverty, and destitution. No more fear that we will not be able to afford even adequate healthcare. No more fear that you or your family won’t know where your next meal might be coming from.  No more fear that there will be nothing left for your old age or retirement. And finally, no more fear that a hand gun or assault rifle might be turned upon us in a fit of deadly anger or rage.”

“All of these things, God has told me, were weighing heavily, in the young mind of Jeff Weise, on that fateful day, three days ago”, said Mr. Bush.

The President went on later to explain, “For those in our government, who would seek to take advantage of the good faith of Native Americans and further reduce them to poverty, through bribery and kickbacks, I say to you, justice is on the way, with no delay. I have authorized Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to use extreme measures to render the hammer, if you will, and bring it to the anvil of justice that this administration so desperately clings to. He will also be meeting with Charleton Heston, the president of the National Rifle Association to come up with feasible measures for gun control in this country, to assure us all that the Red Lake tragedy will never occur again.”

Mr. Bush concluded, “I urge all Americans to anticipate the Easter Miracles yet to arrive over the coming months, as universal healthcare, respect for death with dignity, fortification of Social Security, and a true and expeditious timetable for the withdrawal of our brave sons and daughters from Iraq becomes a reality.”

Karl Rove, Mr. Bush’s Deputy Chief of Staff was noted to be wiping tears from his eyes during certain passages of the President’s speech, but made no public comment.

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