Reports Amy Goodman — whose hour-long broadcast today includes an exclusive, extensive interview with journalist Naomi Klein on the shooting of Giuliana Sgrena (Klein just interviewed Sgrena in Rome) — a “new group of prominent Iraqi lawyers said at a conference in Baghdad this week that President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair should be tried as war criminals for the occupation of Iraq, highlighting the massive assaults on the city of Fallujah. More below : : :

[The Iraqi lawyers] echoed earlier claims by an official from the US-backed Iraqi Health Ministry who charged that the US had used banned weapons against Fallujah. The lawyers called for establishing a truth commission to investigate US crimes in Iraq and demanded an end to what they called immunity for US occupation forces.


Journalists Contradict US Version of ‘Success’ Against Resistance in Iraq

A day after Iraqi commanders claimed a joint operation with US forces killed more than 80 resistance fighters at a training camp outside of Baghdad, reporters who visited the camp are contradicting that claim. Journalists from Agence France Press and other agencies say they saw 30 to 40 fighters at the lakeside training camp attacked by US and Iraqi forces the day before, claiming they had never left. One of the fighters said only 11 resistance fighters were killed in airstrikes on the site. Local hospitals told AFP they had received no casualties from the battle. Meanwhile, on the political front Shiite political leaders say the new parliament could convene for the second time ever early next week to nominate its speaker and the country’s president. The Shiite parties are expected to take 16 to 17 ministries in the new government.

More headlines — including that Sgrena has been released from the hospital — are at Democracy Now!. If you can’t listen or watch, the transcripts are usually up by 10:30 AM PST or a bit later.

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