I was looking thru some republican quotes and stumbled accross this quote from Trent Lott

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Trent Lott Questioned by the Observer, London England, January 2001

Do you think it is fair that President Clinton is being accused of not preventing the attack on the USS Cole?

LOTT: Well, in reality that is the way it is in America and it is what makes us a great nation. True leaders must handle difficult situations or have competent people who handle those situations. Sources did give information of a general nature to the Administration and it is obvious that an attack still occured. This is a more ‘impeachable’ offense than what was brought before the Congress. Fortunately, George Bush will in just a few days become our President. I can assure you that such situations will not be mishandled by his Administration. However general the information might be, the President-elect will act with authority to prevent such tragedies.

The hypocrisy in this quote is amazing but I can’t find the original quote.  I searched The Observer’s site but couldn’t find the original article.  The only other reference I found was Google’s cached site and they raised the same question of it’s authenticity.  

Maybe someone else with access to Nexis can search for the article?

In any case, the quote was to good to just pass up so I thought I would share it.  Plus, everyone loves a poll!

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