Update [2005-3-27 13:20:39 by diane101]:
Based on ongoing discussions regarding Galiel and with Galiel; and comments I made regarding him posting in this diary, I have apologized to him for pre-judging him, posted a response to his comment that I wish I would have done before, and invited him here to continue this particular discussion if he wishes and any others as well who wish to join in.

Original Diary
I am a little hesitant tackeling this subject but I really want to discuss it from the perspective of what I see happening within each party, that I think is worth discussing.
This is my take based on my observation that this issue is dividing each party within itself.
The Republicans are taking the position that Terri must be helped, her life must be saved, she is worth saving at all costs, the court results are wrong, etc.  

The Democrats are saying, the court has decided, the law should be followed, the congress should not have become involved, and the Reps are using this as a voting wedge, usurping power, etc.  You know the story.

Problem is within each party there are those that don’t totally agree with the popular opinion and they are being pounced on by their own side for not following the pack.
I have seen this on blogs from both sides and it is apparent on the cable shows as well.
Now each side is really intolerant of their own people on this issue like few other issues have done and simply will not stand for any other views.
What does the stray dog do when their home does not welcome them anymore; they try to find a new home.  But where?  2 new parties maybe;  Republican and Republicant,  Democrat and Democrit?  Certainly this issue can’t make one slide all the way to the other side can it”  
Even though I am leaning a little toward the right on the issue with certain caveats, I still would not go all the way over there.  But I am certainly disappointed in my party for being so intolerant of different views within.  I also wonder how many will really be pushed all the way over.
So I’m asking, what do you think, not about the Shiavo case per se but the hypothesis I have put forth above.  I don’t want to see a war here on this site so lets restrict the discussion to that, ok, if you don’t mind.

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