Dawn has begun here. There are birds singing. The day he rose begins. There is resurrection in the air.
While I no longer practice religion I’ve always found a day of resurrection comforting. In light of the past four years and particularly the past couple of months I needed to have optimism rekindled in my world. The darkness of it all was smothering me. Now I have been given a gift by God, a reminder that there is balance after all.

Dawn continues and the sun will come up as scheduled. Just as we knew the sun would rise a story unfolds as we expected it would. They believed their press, their true agenda has been exposed and the kool aid has soured. Heads are hanging on K street, their leaders are in disarray, a political career has been derailed and a majority faces the prospect of its mortality. Doubt has been introduced. The people could not be fooled all the time. It’s a good day for the minority.

The sun will come up and there will be a resurrection.

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