Image Hosted by ImageShack.usE.B. Farnum: “Al. If you’re not dead and already moldering, I send news to revive you. A fish to rival the fabled Leviathan has swum into our waters. Get well soon and we’ll land the c*cksucker together.”

Trixie: “Jewel, that he says he’s got around against some hoople-head only having nine cents and wanting a piece of p—y. That ain’t it. Why she’s around is it’s his sick fucking way of protecting her.”

Doc Cochran: “Tell Wu that drunk best not get by his pigs till I’ve had my way with the corpse.”

Swearengen: “I’ll handle my areas but there’s dimensions and f*cking angles I’m not expert at you would be, if you’d sheath your pr*ck long enough, resumed being the upright pain-in-the-balls that graced us all last summer.”

ANNOUNCING The Deadwood Drinkin’ Game:

Slam the damn bottle on the bar and have a drink every time:

  • Al curses Doc
  • Anybody in camp says c–ksu-k-ah!
  • Seth’s eyes undress Alma
  • Trixie and the rest talk about them hoople-heads, square-heads, dirt worshipers, or fuckin’ heathens
  • Dan murders someone
  • A body gets delivered to Mr. Wu’s pigs …

P.S. You can really buy that glass — and a wagon-load uh other shit at the HBO Deadwood site.

P.P.S. Alternative for those who don’t imbibe: Eat a fuckin’ canned peach.

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