Big Brother is here to stay-VeriChips or RFIDs

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Ever since I ‘discovered’ info about RFIDs I’ve become fascinated and appalled at the potential negative ramifications. On one hand the RFID’s in the manufacturing and retail fields for inventory tracking seems appropriate. RFIDs in the LINK defense, Homeland Security, food LINK and health fields  LINKare worrisome. They become even more diabolical in the creditcard, drivers license and personal ID realm.
I’ve discovered that the RFID technology has been around for several years and has been improved and now called the Veri chip.
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The VeriChip, the size of a grain of rice can be implanted easily and unsuspectingly. Once implanted a person, animal or thing can be tracked by GPS satellites and portable scanners by anyone or government or organization that is so inclined, for whatever purpose. Once a person has been chipped That person is no longer FREE. That person simply becomes a piece of inventory. Think about this.

The VeriChip has been marketed and purchased by many foreign establishments This product is being PR’d by a group called WISE Media – owned and operated by Scientologists.   Scientology is a Greed-cult with a despicable history.

Back in the 80s I worked for a software company Real World. I recently came upon the below mentioned software company’s website. The owner of this company was my CEO and is a scientologist. I share this link to show the embeddedness of scientology and this is only one example. If you check out some of the other links you’ll find lots more scientology/mainstream connections. He is now doing business with the following:

“About Competence Software LINK

Competence Software, founded in 1992, provides computer and web based training products which help corporate employees understand and communicate in the areas of business finance, investing and information technology. Over 500,000 of its Financial Competence® and Investment Competence® courses are in use by individuals and corporations large and small. Courses from Competence Software have been voted “Best of Breed” by leading on line learning and training organizations like Click2Learn, New York Institute of Finance, etc. It’s client list includes corporate giants like Merrill Lynch, Citibank, Dow Chemical, DuPont, IBM Credit Corp., General Electric, Barclays Bank, Bank of America, Dun and Bradstreet, 3M, Volvo, Columbia Gas, T. Rowe Price, Chevron, Sprint, Bell South, Office Depot. John Deere, Nortel, Johnson Controls, Ingersoll Rand, Cargil, Burger King, Mail Boxes Etc., Cytec, Nestlé Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Pitney Bowes and the US Federal Reserve Bank. Educational clients include University of Toledo, Penn State, University of Chicago, University of Nevada Las Vegas, National Academy of Finance, etc.”


I am not going to mention names because I have a legal gag order as a result of a lawsuit I had with the original software company.

Because of my past run-in with scientology I am extremely aware of the dangers of mind-control and equate the future of the VeriChip as a very similar intrusion. It will be the ultimate RAPE of multitudes of unsuspecting people. Babies are already being implanted in come ‘testing grounds’ as are the elderly, parolees and some medical patients and/or ‘guinea pigs.’

I know this sounds so Sci-Fi but it is reality of the times. If any of you have been involved in a cult, you know how even one’s Free Will can be snatched. I also have a theory that much of the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome form those in the military is a result of the ‘brainwashing’ process that they have to go through. When they leave the military some cannot de-assimilate. Much like with the process of hynosis-some people can be hypnotized easily and others cannot. I think the same is possible in brainwashing- some are very susceptible and others, who are aware, can fight it. But the way the majority of our society has been dumbed-down by the media etc., we are primed for ‘snatching.’
If you don’t believe this I highly recommend the book Snapping by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman.
 Snapping Book

So not only will the government and the powers within, but a pseudo religious cult will have dibs on you. Supposedly we will have the ‘choice-to-be-chipped’ at first and under certain situations. This will come under the guise of credit card security, drivers license ID tags and other seemingly ‘safe and practical’ considerations.

Finally, one can take the Privacy Option Check List Test given below.  An essential aspect to keep in mind, however, is that in choosing your options, assume that Any and Everyone has access — acquired legally or illegally, via purchase or other means — to any and all of the information that can be gleamed (and/or inferred) from the lack of privacy.

            * A device which monitors where your automobile is during selected/all times.

            * A device which monitors who is in your house during selected/all times.

            * A device which monitors who is in your office during selected/all times.

            * Devices monitoring selected/all public places that you frequent.

            * Devices monitoring selected/all private places that you frequent.

            * A device which monitors selected/all communications you send or receive.

            * A device which monitors where you are during selected/all times.

            * A device which controls your mood and/or your physical body.

            * A device which when triggered remotely can terminate your life.



Please people be aware of this future which is coming. I don’t think we can stop it as the technology is already here and around us. But when you are asked, somewhere down the line, if you are even asked, opt out of getting ‘chipped.’

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