Wal-Mart is the primary sponsor of Good Morning America’s “Only in America” series, which highlights patriotic, apple pie American stories. The “Only in America” web page is essentially a bogus Wal-Mart ad attempting to tie the corporation with a Made in America image.

What’s next? A series called “Healthy Living” sponsored by Phillip Morris. Please sign the petition (link below) and hold ABC News and Wal-Mart accountable.


The UFCW is also planning a demonstration outside Good Morning America’s studio in New York City tomorrow (Tuesday, March 29th) at 6:30am. Local union activists and Congressman Anthony Weiner will be at 44th and Broadway to let ABC News know that we will not allow them to wrap Wal-Mart in their flag.

Only 5 years ago, Wal-Mart had to abandon its “Made in the USA” and “Bring it Home to the USA” campaigns because Dateline exposed them as blatantly misleading and false. And now, Wal-Mart comes up with this.

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