because I have just seen everything! Is there anyone out there… has it already come… did I miss everything?

As a preface, I live in a moderately sized city in a very Bible-belty Red State. I’m sitting in traffic during lunch hour and I begin to pull along side a huge burgundy GMC Suburban. This thing is brand new, spotless, and tricked out with huge tires, custom chrome wheels and spinners… replete with the magnetic “support our troops” and “God Bless America” ribbons… No “W” sticker… puzzling.

As I’m pulling along side this Mammoth(and I use this term because I truly feel that they will someday be extinct…) I start thinking to myself…”Oh great… let’s just take a look at this W-worshipping soccer mom…”
So, I’m peering up(and I do mean WAY up) into driver’s side of this car as I pull even, and what do I see…?

Here sits a woman of very clearly middle-eastern descent dressed in a black burhka sans veil… there are also pictures of what appear to be her kids hanging in little frames from the rear view mirror as well as a handicapped parking permit! My cognitive dissonance was such that I got honked at for almost missing the light change…

Being a firm advocate for self examination, about a bazillion questions pop into my mind… I guess, what it all boils down to is, do I have a racist tendency that’s clearly showing, or do I need to be calling the FBI about suspicious behaviors…? Honestly, I think, at least for myself, that this is just a false question. The real explanation might be better summarized if Bono were to write it up as an additional verse for “Bullet the Blue Sky”… “Outside it’s America, Outside it’s America…”

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