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Veep Barely Worked His Way Through College …


Most Americans are very familiar with Vice President Dick Cheney’s distinguished career as a businessman and public servant — but much less familiar with his work as a nude artist’s model!

Before entering politics, Cheney put himself through college at the University of Wyoming by dropping his drawers for several local artists and sculptors.

“Oh sure, I remember him. He modeled for me for nearly two years,” recalls retired sculptor Lorraine Feinbaum. “Of course, back then he went by the name ‘Big Dick Cheney,’ as he was rather, um, well-endowed — which put him in great demand.”


Cheney is the latest among a string of Washington politicians with unusual backgrounds. According to reliable inside sources, California Senator Barbara Boxer earned extra cash jumping out of cakes at bachelor parties. Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy worked one summer as a male escort, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was the cover girl three times for Black Booty magazine, and First Lady Laura Bush worked briefly as a “fluffer,” — a woman whose job it is to keep male adult film stars in a continual state of arousal.

“fluffer” – hey, you learn new words every day.

Hat tip to Fran.

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