Yes, it has.  Not substantively, no.  From a substantive perspective, I oppose anyone interfering with the gajillion prior courts’ findings that her husband has proven her wishes and that those wishes should not be disturbed.  But that isn’t what is bothering me.

Yes, the protestors are annoying, if also entertaining in their radical delusions.  However, I don’t watch television, and certainly not television news.  So that isn’t what’s bothering me either.

So what’s my problem, you ask?

Below the flip.
I am sick and tired of reading about Schiavo.  That’s it.  I’m not blaming any one here; to the contrary, this has been a relatively peaceful and Schiavo-free refuge to which I find myself retreating, today and on many other days since that story heated up.  Thank you for that!!!!

But I find this interesting (perhaps I’m the only one!):
I was totally, completely, irrevocably addicted to dKos, so much so that I withstood many adverse conditions, even attacks for my semi-libertarianism, my love of Ayn Rand, my insistence on rational approaches to the issues, my skepticism about Dean, my suggestion that we focus on the actual substantive mistakes by Shrub, rather than just calling him a drunk and leaving it at that.  I outlasted all of those trials and more, but now find that this  Schiavo onslaught has been just what it took to break of of my gripping addiction.  Sure, I dip in for a few minutes a day to see if anything interesting is being discussed, but this is but a shadow of my former involvement there.

Anyway, enough rambling.  Thanks for providing peace and respite, all.  If I summon the spirit to speak about the issues again, I believe this is where I will do it (if you all will be so kind as to have me!).

Whining now complete!

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