It’s a spreading theme: the greatest threat to Traditional Values in America are the courts. Pardon some long quotes from just a few sources…
Gary “Dick” Bauer:

If you are as fed up with liberal judicial activism as I am, then I want to encourage you to attend an upcoming conference in Washington, D.C. hosted by my good friend Pastor Rick Scarborough.

The list of speakers is outstanding — House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Judge Roy Moore, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, Phyllis Schlafly, and many others. Topics will include:

–The Judicial Assault On Our Judeo-Christian Heritage;

–Judges: Abortion And Other Life Issues;

–Judicial Nominations;

–The Real Constitution;

–Remedies To Judicial Tyranny; and

–Mobilizing The Grassroots.

The conference will be held April 7th and 8th. For more information, please visit

Trust me – you won’t be disappointed. More importantly, you will return home encouraged and energized – ready to defend faith, family and freedom in the public square!

Bigot and huckster Lou Sheldon:

For 40 years, the anti-God Left has been using America’s courts to impose an anti-religion, anti-family agenda on America -– an extremist agenda that politicians (even most liberals) would never dare vote for.

And, ultra-liberal Democrats and the ACLU are leading a well-funded, orchestrated campaign to block the confirmation of President Bush’s pro-family federal judge nominees.

We need TVC Supporters like you to stand up today and help TVC turn up the heat on Senators in all 50 states to override Senators Ted Kennedy, Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Kerry, and their liberal Democrat allies in the Senate …

… and insist on the immediate confirmation of President Bush’s federal judge appointments (some of which Senate Democrats managed to block for more than two years).

Together, we can force action on President Bush’s judicial appointments if the Senate sees overwhelming public outrage over the liberal Democrats’ obstructionist tactics … and their ongoing efforts to hijack the courts for their anti-God agenda.

TVC is launching an all-out assault to reach and rally 2,000,000 politically-active citizens representing all 50 states and all 435 Congressional districts.

We must tell every Senator and Congressman exactly what kind of judges their constituents want sitting on our federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court interpreting the laws of our nation.

Click here to make an emergency donation to TVC’s TAKE BACK OUR COURTS Battle Plan.

Whew! We told you he was a huckster. Now, after a short breather, back to The Battle Plan:

I need you to please send your best contribution today …

1) to help me and TVC put enormous grassroots public pressure on Senate Democrats to immediately confirm President Bush’s federal judge appointments; and

2) to help me show America how the liberal Democrats have hijacked America’s courts to push a radical anti-God, anti-family agenda on America.

3) to help TVC build a special Supreme Court Warchest Fund to fight for confirmation of President Bush’s Supreme Court nominees during the next 4 years. (Experts predict he’ll appoint between two and four new Supreme Court Justices!)

Please take a minute right now to contribute the largest amount you can afford today to help us fully-implement our TAKE BACK OUR COURTS Battle Plan.

By waging an enormous grassroots mobilization, media, and direct mail campaign designed to reach 100,000,000 voters we intend to expose these liberal Democrats for their ACLU-style leftist ideology that made it possible for this powerful federal court to rule the “Pledge of Allegiance” unconstitutional.

TVC’s $10 million TAKE BACK OUR COURTS Battle Plan includes:

1) Nationwide Media Blitz through TV, radio and newspapers.

TVC plans to launch a nationwide campaign to educate Americans about how the ACLU (with help from liberal Democrat politicians) have hijacked America’s courts to impose an extremist anti-God agenda on America. We will also urge citizens to call and write their Senators to demand immediate confirmation of President Bush’s federal court appointments now being blocked.

2) Voter Mobilization Mailings.

Direct mail is the single most effective method of reaching voters with the facts on how liberal Democrats over the years have packed America’s courts with radical, anti-God judges. With direct mail, we can generate overwhelming public pressure on Congress to immediately confirm President Bush’s conservative federal judge appointments. With our mailings we plan to let voters know which Members of Congress stand with President Bush … and which Members of Congress stand with the ACLU.

3) A major phone bank operation.

Our state-of-the-art phone bank can contact voters at a moment’s notice when a vote comes up in the Senate on one of President Bush’s federal judge nominations. We can phone up to 5,000 voters an hour (or 50,000 voters a day) in key states to urge voters to immediately call, fax and e-mail the Senator to demand that he vote on the side of President Bush and his federal judge nominee … and against the liberal Senate Democrats.

4) Distribute 25,000,000 Voter Guides for the 2006 elections.

We will closely track Congressional votes on key moral values issues and judges. We aim to distribute some 25,000,000 VOTER GUIDES in the months leading up to the 2006 Congressional elections. We want to distribute these VOTER GUIDES through our network of more than 43,000 churches. We also plan to distribute them to Christian and conservative voters through the mail, as well as in shopping malls and door-to-door in neighborhoods. These VOTER GUIDES will tell voters which Members of Congress stand with President Bush and appointing common-sense conservative judges … and which Members of Congress stand with the anti-God agenda of the ACLU.

5) A nationwide Internet and e-mail campaign.

TVC’s website is becoming an increasingly important weapon for mobilizing traditional values voters to instantly pressure Members of Congress to vote on the side of traditional moral values and faith when a key vote takes place. In addition, TVC’s growing e-mail list of voters (now more than 800,000 e-mail addresses) allows us to contact Christian and pro-family voters instantly at very little cost to urge immediate political action, such as calling their Congressman and Senators on a key vote before the Congress.


We urgently need your support to fund the $10 million Battle Plan I’ve outlined above. Please try to give at least $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or even more to TVC today …

Again with the shilling! And it goes on from there…

But let’s hear from Sen. Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum on Lawrence v. Texas:

…[T]he decision was cited in the Goodrich decision in Massachusetts [in which the state Supreme Court overturned the state’s ban on homosexual marriage]. I knew that’s what courts would say. So this is, again, the problem with courts usurping democratic powers, powers that were clearly given to the legislatures and to the Congress. This judicial activism is a very, very scary thing for the future of this country.

And there’s the key. “This judicial activism is a very, very scary thing for the future of this country.” Which means: “we can’t get our agenda through while there is an independent judiciary.” Which means: “we’re scared; we might be looking at a brick wall, if we haven’t already collided with it.”

Which means: it’s game time. The coming battle over the administration’s nominees is going to tie the bowels of Washington in so tight a knot that the entire city’s sphincter is going to come popping out…well, where does Santorum live, again?

The conservative Christianists have their backs up against the wall, and they know it. If progressives can’t work up the energy to take advantage of the situation, they don’t deserve to be called activists, let alone effective ones.

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