I joined dKos and now Booman to join the political debate.  I have driven my friends and family nuts with my inane rants about politics, education, healthcare and how I am going to fix my career to actually do something about it.  I needed (and they needed) me to find a new audience.  I thought a forum would be just the place to focus these energies, and maybe force me to write some coherent essays along the way.  (I’m more of a math guy and I definitely need the practice…)

{ok, I’m losing interest in this diary already, so if you don’t make the jump with me, I’ll understand…  Abbott makes the leap…}

So here I am.  I have sat down and tried to write a number of diaries on all of these wonderful subjects and what happens?  Well, I get sidetracked.  I find Goodbye Cruel World diaries to mock, poorly thought comments to deride, and, oh look the Tivo taped a baseball game from 1988 and I couldn’t not watch that, could I?  (Was that a double negative?  Yep, my writing needs work…)  Basically, I have become a serial commenter with a high propensity for sarcasm and bad jokes.  Not really what I envisioned when I sign up.

What I need from you, fellow Boopeople, is some inspiration.  I have attached a poll listing some of the topics I have started and not finished diaries on.  Please take a moment to vote on which topic you would be most amused by and I’ll make it my mission to crank it out.  It’ll be like an assignment – hopefully putting some pressure on me to finally add something valuable to the discussion other than “I hear Catnip loves Jeb Bush…”  not that I’ll stop doing that either…  I need the pressure.  I need the inspiration.  Help me get over the hump!

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