We have a lot of new members, thanks to Welshman and Jerome’s efforts to steer new readers here.

This is a reminder on the rules. When you pick your country, pick the country of your primary residence. If you are an American living in Germany, choose Germany. If you are a German, living in America, pick USA. And if you are operating on a long-term visa or something, pick your primary residence:

Eric Blair- Canada, SneakySnu- Canada, Kaya- Canada,
Catnip-Canada, Thor Heyerdahl-Canada, MaggieEh-Canada, S from Van-Canada, D52boy-Canada, Sybil-Canada, Scipio-Canada, Pr Halios- Canada

Luam-Great Britian, Ukrich-Great Britian, Welshman-Great Britian, Febble-Great Britian, Saugatojas-Great Britian, LondonBear- Great Britian, Gary J- Great Britian, dove- Great Britian

Dvx- Germany, Neutral Observer- Germany, Hausfrau- Germany, Cached- Germany, Jandsm- Germany, Detlef- Germany, hesk- Germany

Jerome a Paris- France, Melanchthon- France, LEP- France, ViVeLaMe- France

Frank- Netherlands, Oui- Netherlands

Donna in Rome-Italy, melo- Italy

Fran- Switzerland, whataboutbob, Switzerland

Sersan- Mexico
Outlanddish- India
Canberra boy- Australia

Caneel- Virgin Islands

Wayward Wind- Malta

Athenian- Greece

Lieutenant C-Iraq

Rob511-New Zealand

Ragnark- Iceland

Revel8n- Ireland

Soj- Romania




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