Well it is Monday over here on this side of the Pond and should be over there with you by the time you get to read this.

SO COME ON! Shake yourself, stretch and take a careful look outside:

It’s the start of a new week! Exciting? Full of anticipation?

All last week’s goofs, gaffes, embarrassing incidents, cock-ups and just dumb stoopid things you did, you can now put behind you. It’s a bright, sunny, new start.

Don’t you just love cheery people first thing in the morning? Well maybe not; but I’m here to help. Really. I mean, you want a nice clean, new start, don’t you? You know..you want to forget the daft things you did over the last seven days. So, as I am sure it will help, tell us about what you did stupid last week. Or even last month. You know telling us will help you forget it. Cleanse the soul, eradicate the embarrassment. Go on, don’t be mean, tell us!. We promise we won’t laugh. Much.

After all:

You weren’t the BBC researcher who telephoned the Bob Marley Foundation saying they wished to spend one or two days filming the singer sometime this July or August. “But our schedule is flexible.” When did he die? Oh yes, 1981. You weren’t that dumb last week, were you?

You weren’t the gunman who pounced on a 32 year old woman walking her dog in San Diego and snatched the bag she was holding that contained the dog mess that she had just scooped up. You weren’t that idiotic last week, were you?

You weren’t Welshman last Thursday who, in front of each and every one of his so-called golf “buddies”, took a hurried short cut to his car across the wet grass of the very steep lawn, just before the game started. Then slipped, suddenly and mightily, and ended up with his feet up in the air and his body bouncing three times on its back as it crashed full length to the soggy ground. You weren’t that stupid in front of all your mates in the club house were you?

So come on, out with it. Start the week by confessing the last one.

We all make tiny errors of judgement:

We promise we won’t tell.

And, who knows, we might do the same diary to help you next week.

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