Okay, guys you’ll have to work with me here. I can think up stuff, plan the campaigns, but I can’t write the copy. I know this. In my usual writings, if I ever have a point, I just wander somewhere close by – eventually – and then gesture vaguely at it. (No doubt a result of haivng it drummed into me as a child that it is “not polite to point!”). And usually I’ll leave it at that, but this is for a community thing, so I’ll try again. Is not my new title very exciting?

I know… just pretend I’m maryscott. Only not as young. And, not as pretty. Okay, and not nearly as talented. But other than minor details, everything else is exactly the same. I can even do profanity!

Shoot! Darn! (and the kicker…) Horse Patootie!

Hah! I bet that got your attention. Now, follow me over the fold and I’ll get right to the point. Real soon now.

We need to grow the pond! There are a number of ways of doing that, but this way is fairly simple, free, and beneficial to all parties. And fun! After all, who wouldn’t want to be Frog For a Day? Of course, this means we may have to give them the Darwin (the frog) Award, but we could just explain to them that we don’t think they are stupid or dead!

Okay, wait… back to getting to the point. Here’s what we do…I think most all of us wander the internets from time to time, looking at various blogs. Some may be favorites, others just ones we’ve stumbled on. And sometimes we seek out new ones, to expand our horizons. However we come up with them, there are lots of them out there to find.

Anyway… the point: Explore and Bring Back.

1. Do your normal exploring (unless you already have one in mind) and bring back to this thread an interesting, or informative, or something blog.

2. Put the name and the url and a general idea of the content and why you like it.

3.After we have a few (collected), we as a community will vote on the one we think should be Frog Blogged

4. We inform the winner of the choice and let them know that we have opened a thread to discuss their blog and invite them to participate and bring their readers. And to stick around and contribute to the community themselves, if they wish.

Everyone wins. Booland gets free advertising, and hopefully new sign ups, and we get to hopefully learn new things or about new places. The winner gets to say that they have been profiled in the famous BooMan Tribune and they also get more traffic. And since we (ideally) will already have a collection of good blogs listed, we can just either take the second place one and invite them, or vote all over again because we may have new listings.

Post early and often, so your favorites will.. well, have as much chance as any of the others, but still.

So, good idea (if so, it’s mine) or bad idea (it’s all Susan’s fault)?

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