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Commenting to a post I made earlier in the day, one user spoke about the need to expose more of the “tainted tactics” that Wal-Mart uses to manipulate the American people. He’s right. Here are a couple more:

  1. “There is reason to believe that Wal-Mart affects public assistance utilization not only through its compensation policies, but also by actively encouraging employees to participate in such programs. For example, the PBS television program Now with Bill Moyers reported that Wal-Mart provides all new employees with a 1-800 number to call to determine benefits eligibility.”

    – From “Hidden Costs of Wal-Mart Jobs” (Dube and Jacobs, UC Berkeley)

  2. Wal-Mart has issued “A Manager’s Toolbox to Remaining Union Free,” which provides managers with lists of warning signs that workers might be organizing, including “frequent meetings at associates’ homes” and “associates who are never seen together start talking or associating with each other.” The “Toolbox” gives managers a hotline to call so that company specialists can respond rapidly and head off any attempt by employees to organize.

Regardless of their fluffy advertisements and attempts to whitewash America with their little media fest this week, Wal-Mart’s duplicity is clear as day.  We need to let Wal-Mart know that we do not stand for their tactics.

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