Below are the first suggestions for Frog for a Day (we may need a new name) winners.

In case you missed the first diary, the basic idea is to attempt to both expand the readership/membership of the BooTrib, and the site’s own horizons, by reaching out and touching someone. And then um… frog marching them (in a nice way!) over to booland to get an award thingy, and have a discussion about their blog content, or stuff in general. They could have time to announce it on their own blogs, so that their readers could also make the trip over to comment and such. Hopefully, this will be fun, eventually a broaden membership and we and they will learn some new things.

Anyway, to this end, I requested that people submit their suggestions. I’ve listed the blogs and their addresses below, and the original commentary submitted along with the blog in the order in which they were received, so that we can look at the content and vote on them. Also any comments on the general idea itself, ways of making it better and so on are always welcome.

Feel free to add any additional blog suggestions, they can be saved til next time.
The list:

Free North Korea relays non-violent campaigns in support of human rights in North Korea. It especially focuses on the plight of North Korean refugees.

North Korea Zone
A collaborative blog posting news about North Korea, one of the “most secretive countries in the world”

“Left in the West: Views from a Dryland Democrat” is a great Montana political blog. Matt Singer (of NotGeniuses) writes about national and state politics amusingly and concisely, which is a plus when you read several blogs a day. Not sure if there’s anyone from Montana here, but people seem interested in Schweitzer, so…

The Carpetbagger Report–insightful, incisive reporting on politics. Updated daily, by a guest blogger on weekends, with comments enabled just recently with no sign-up. Carpetbagger catches important stories that are often overlooked.

This Is Not Over is by the DHAK crew–they run Tomato Nation, HissyFit, ChickLit, Television without Pity. Funny, enraged, and short entries on various issues that don’t always make the mainstream. Comments enabled, but you have to sign up off site. WARNING–if swearing offends you, then not the site for you.

Beautiful Horizons
This blog deals with events and news in Latin America, human rights, and just general stuff. Well written, lots of information.

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