Hey George,

I see where you’ve misappropriated some funds again to subsidize the Bamboozlepalooza tour… Dude…what’s up? Now we’re also hearing from you that you want all ideas on the table, and you’re knocking my Democratic Party for not playing along.

OK. But tell me, how’s the other half of America supposed to have access to you to share their thoughts and ideas if alls you do is just continue to flit around to these staged events where people give you prepared questions?

My challenge to you, if you wish to have the least bit of credibility as a true leader, is to arrange one of these “Town Meetings” in which everybody is welcome and you answer everyone’s questions… no prepared ones.

Until you do this, most of America will continue to view your Social Security proposals, and indeed, anything that your administration attempts to do as simply a molestation of the people.

One other thought. It seems that inserting tubes to prolong or enhance life has become all the rage as of late in America. How about it George? Would you be willing to have a public enema, as it were, to convince America that you’re not FOS?

Dood Q Public

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