The problem with the message from the Democratic Party:  there is no messsage.  In all the debate about the bankruptcy bill, the environment, economy, medical care, foreign policy, the military, and the war, it’s always the “Democratic response is….”.

WTF is up with that?  I thought we had answers.
Last night I watched the democratic leadership gathered around a microphone in D.C. trying to explain the takeover of Congress by the Republican majority.  Complex and confusing.  And take a look at Pelosi’s press release on the issue titled:  Republicans’ Abuse of Power Undermines Ethics and Shuts Out Democracy.  Can I get more words please?  How about just:  Republicans’ Abuse of Power?  Short and to the point.  Like the Republican response:  Aw hell, it’s just those pesky whining Democrats.  They don’t have a plan for anything.  

And that’s how it finished, with Brian Williams restating the they said/they said.  Great.  Way to get the message across.  

Message to Pelosi in her own language:

Dear Nancy:  The title and your gazillion word press release have not sated my desire for yet more in-depth discussion of the relative merits of the differing viewpoints of the two prevailing parties in the lower House in our system of constitutional dictates which define how our elected representatives carry on their duties as elected representatives generating laws on behalf of the long-suffering American people.

In my language:  Give me the summary.  If I need more information I’ll ask for it.  

Must be something I ate.  Or too much coffee man.  What happened to the clear and direct statements we had during the election? Did every solution presented simply vanish?  Brain-fade on a national scale?  Screw it, Kerry lost, hit delete.  

Reorganizing is like remodeling, you tear out the bad parts, and rebuild the structure to be better than it was.  But you don’t tear the whole thing down.  So where are those good parts?  Do we have to jettison every solution forty-nine million people voted for?  Sure looks like it from here.

Hunter Thompson was right:  when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.  I’m feeling the need for the Democratic Party to get a little weird this morning.  </rant&gt

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