Liberal voice from Charleston, SC.

  •  Joe Lieberman
  •  James Clyburn
  •  Lindsey Graham
  •  Mayor Joe Riely
  •  Alex Sanders

So far he has attacked Strom, DeLay, Lott, and Newt

Chartleston was the most populated southern city…

in the 1800’s.  (Ha!)

[I’ll continue to update as the show progresses]

Alos at DKos
[1230] – really on DeLay now, talking about his ethics and how he gets around his issues.

Now, the House needs new management, and that is Republican management. In my opinion, it will not do any good to get rid of the present Speaker or the present leadership, because what will happen is more will come in and it is the arrogance of power that we are talking about here. What is going on here is arrogance of power. We need a change in management…

The Democrats could offer us another candidate, but it just will not change the system. Only when the public and Republican pressure becomes so great does the Democrat leadership act. We need new leadership which will act because it is right, not because they have been caught in cover-ups and scandals.

From this post.

Although he read more, waiting for first guest…

[1240] – oooppps!  it’s the oy, oy, oy show

ripping on Southern slave trade…

Joe is next (on the phone), It is going to be hard to clap for him!

[1250] – Joe is on the phone…

what a tool…

Update [2005-4-14 13:1:55 by hfiend]:

Joe on S.S.

Are dems offering solutions to the S.S. <s>Crisis</s&gt issue?

*  He basically said we need more suggestions, nothing about the president’s plan.  He did note that Medicare is a bigger problem than S.S.

*  Joe  “prez. Is smart, he went to Yale…”

Bankruptcy Bill

*  He supported a vote of cloture but doesn’t like the bill, anyone have a problem with that?  He says the vote was lost, but I still have a problem with caving.

Franken “It doesn’t sound that bad I thought it was a crisis.”

Update [2005-4-14 13:9:52 by hfiend]:

Mayor Joe riely

30 years of mayor of Charleston, a true southern Dem

“America is an urban nation…we rely on our cities…The city is a great place for people to live, for the heart to sing

On first responders…

Joe – we haven;t been fully backed-up re. homeland security

Charleston is a huge port city, feds not doing their job

Update [2005-4-14 13:39:4 by hfiend]:

Graham isn’t here…yet!  Waiting for a backbone…he’s on the phone.

first thing out of Graham’s mouth, “while in town spend $ we need it…”

Image hosted by Photobucket.comGraham just said basiclly that 2/3 of congress is copupt, not just Delay

I like Graham, sorry everyone…But he is on republican talking point today.  Meaning he is not being openminded.

Update [2005-4-14 14:6:42 by hfiend]:

Should be Alen Sanders, James Clyburn, he ran against Graham for Strom’s spot.

Don’t know much about Clyburn, my congress person in Henry Brown, who is a peice of $hit

Now… Here is Alex Sanders, next…

Alex Sanders is great, great speaker, great personality and a sane member of the Charleston community. Former C of C president and all-round great guy. I may be taking a poly-sci class with him next semester…

I think alex is funnier than Al…

Nope, he is…

Liberals want to burn the flag, Repubs want to bun the bill of rights.

What should the Dems do? (Sanders)
* Keep hope alive…
* The bus will come back around
* The Repubs were gone at one point, but they came back. So will the Dems.
* Keep hope up for the great nation of America!

Let gays get married and you won’t have them having sex!!

I hope someone enjoyed this…signing off.

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