A Tennessee state senator sponsoring a constitutional amendment aimed at “solemnizing the relationship of one man and one woman” and forbidding same-sex marriage is accused in a divorce case of cheating on his wife, reports WSMV TV

State Sen. Jeff Miller, a Republican from Cleveland, is accused of “inappropriate marital conduct” in a divorce complaint filed Feb. 25 in Bradley County.


“He is very hypocritical, fighting for the sanctity of marriage and not keeping his own,” the senator’s wife of 15 years, Bridgitte Suzanne Miller, said in a report in the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Jeff Miller, chairman of the Senate Republican Caucus, acknowledged the divorce … “Divorce is a very difficult time for everyone. It is a very private matter which is played out in public proceedings. My chief concern right now is the best interest of our children.”

The senator’s wife said Wednesday her husband was involved with a woman in Nashville. She said family members saw him with the woman at a Martina McBride concert.

“He told them that she was just a friend,” Ms. Miller said. “That really bothered me.”

The state Senate approved Miller’s marriage protection amendment Feb. 22. In addition to defining marriage as “the historical institutional and legal contract solemnizing the relationship of one man and one woman,” it would also forbid state recognition of same-sex marriages.

Miller stopped an attempt to include a constitutional ban on adultery in the amendment.


There is legislation pending in the Tennessee House and Senate that would give judges in divorce cases discretion in deciding how to split assets whenever there is clear and convincing evidence that one of the parties has committed adultery, abandonment or physical abuse.


People need to know there is a line … physical abuse, abandonment or adultery … the first person who crosses that line is going to have to pay.”

Emphases mine.

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