” We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
Native American Proverb.

Last month the Senate voted to commence with drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which to me shows the true lack of character in this body. There is absolutely no way any of them can now purport to be of a, “culture of life,” when they so recklessly and selfishly set out to destroy a living breathing sanctuary that is a monument not only to the moral character of the people, but is also the only home to so many species which cannot speak out against their greed and insensitivity.

I firmly believe that we are stewards of this Earth, and as a believer in a Supreme Being from which all spiriuality flows I also believe the power that resides in Nature has been given to us by that Supreme Being and we are to be its keeper. Therefore, how we treat this Earth is a reflection upon ourselves and our love for that Supreme Being and is also a moral issue. How we treat this planet also reflects what we think of our people. It is the very outward expression of what resides within us. I always thought that was the Christian belief as well, as I have never read Jesus Christ claiming that polluting the air and water or killing the land are Godly.

Therefore, how can Bush supporters and those others who enable him be that blinded to not then see that the degradation Bush’s environmental policies are causing is not something a Godly man would do? Where are the churches on this issue as well? Have they now been blinded by the greed of Faith Based Initiatives over the word of God to be good stewards, that they will not speak out against this immorality, but instead vote for it? What does that then say about their credibility as stewards of the word of God and their love for this planet?

I have had conversations over the last month with a few who believe that this drilling is actually necessary. They all however, seem to parrot the same Bush administration talking points with no conviction, no passion, and no heart. Just words, repeated over and over again simply to make a political stand based on nothing more than partisanship. Therefore, I just wanted to respond to all of the pro-drilling people in one place about this.

In response, firstly, this is not about having oil for us. This is about giving the Bush administration’s oil and gas corporate benefactors a gift for all of their work in making sure that the Bush administration agenda goes forward. They don’t care about you. If they did, they wouldn’t be taking our children to Iraq and killing them. You are also simply quoting soundbites about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with nothing to back you up. Are you all really of the thought that any oil they may get out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will actually get to you? How naive can you be?

We are already pumping oil out of Prudhoe Bay  which has been exported to Japan and other Asian countries on and off over the last 25 years. It is said that Alaskan crude oil is heavier in weight and possesses a higher Sulfur content than most other crude oils from around the world, and it cannot be used in the American oil economy without substantial refinement. This country has actually closed refineries, so just where is any oil from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ( which is also Alaskan crude) really going to go without the refineries needed to refine it for the American market?

It was also determined that foreign markets such as Japan, Korea, and  East Asia would be excellent markets for the Alaskan oil due to those nations’ abilities to utilize oils with those characteristics of Alaskan crude. The Governor of Alaska also admitted that they don’t even know how much oil is there. So what are you talking about in regards to it solving any energy crisis here? It will not solve anything, and it is unnecessary. It will take a least ten years to get this oil, and estimates only give it as a six month supply. Do you realize where this country could be in ten years if our warmongering continues?

We also don’t need to wean ourselves off of foreign oil only in regards to automobiles, (which we could do if Bush would stop attacking countries in the Middle East that sit on it thus making us more enemies, and focus those billions of dollars on actually researching and marketing alternate energy resources) we need to get off oil, period. Funny though, for all of the talk you all do about wanting to get off of “foreign oil,” you all never talk about renewable resources, alternate energy sources, conservation, etc. Is your allegiance to this environment, or just pitching for the Bush administration for perks? Why are you not speaking out for all of the species in that Wildlife Refuge that will lose their homes now because of this inconsiderate action, and including them in your “culture of life?” Because it doesn’t effect you, you don’t care?

Oil also isn’t going to last forever, and I suggest you look up the term, “Peak Oil” and realize just where this world is heading because of its greed and selfishness over non renewable resources. Why are you all not also calling for Americans to become more conscious of their daily activities to save resources? It is people like you who place the blame on others, who simply wish to have a scapegoat for your own selfish and wasteful habits.

You would destroy the homes of other species which cannot speak for themselves, just to perpetuate soundbites by people in the corporate world and this government who simply want you to believe that this is the way to get off of OPEC, when it couldn’t be furthest from the truth. Again, how naive are you? Do you realize that the oil companies in this country love the high oil prices we have now? Do you honestly believe they want us to pay less for gas? Do you honestly believe a six month supply of oil that will take ten years to get to market (if it is even this market) is really going to effect market price here?

Do you also know what has been going on in Iraq regarding not privitizing their oil supply just for this reason? I suggest you read about the big picture to see what is in play here. Nothing being done by those in Washington DC, is being done for you. It is being done for them, and for their benefactors. And if you think the Bush PNAC neocons are going to just leave the Middle East and all of that oil because the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will be drilled, you really do need to read up on current events.

They are building 14 permanent military bases in Iraq. They went there for the oil. They want it all, not just the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. They do not want to have competition with OPEC, they want to BE OPEC. Get ready then, because it doesn’t matter where you drill in this country, those who are in place now are gearing up for the war to end all wars… The war for non renewable resources. Are you willing to die in the sand for that?

Hundreds of scientists have already attested that drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will harm the wildlife there: Scientists’Report.  May I remind you that these are living, breathing animals? Part of our legacy? Part of our world? Don’t care? Not surprising.

Now make sure you go fill up your SUV, and please, when you do, don’t give your children a thought. That will surely reap the repercussions for you that you deserve for your total lack of stewardship not only to your planet and your country, but to them as well.

This is what you are denying your children by doing this.

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