This is an outside the box, very unethical idea that I have been playing around with for a while. I want to throw it out to the community to maybe find out how unethical that it really is, or if it really has legs. Myself, I am well past the point of considering ethics in regards to getting this man-child and his Reich out of power as expeditiously as possible.

One of the most frustrating things that everyone expresses about George W Bush and his administration is that it, and indeed the man, are merely facades. They are straw men and women placed and groomed artfully by the true powers.

This strategy has worked astonishingly well over the last six years to the detriment of America. It results in the “Teflon” effect of which we all complain. The advantages of this strategy are that much evil can be accomplished behind the scenes, while we all attack a straw man and are distracted from the true course of action.

The disadvantages to this strategy are that one is left with a system that is unwieldy, cumbersome, and certainly not spontaneous. The only way to get around this is to “stage” spontaneity in very well controlled situations as they have done with “Town Hall” meetings, and highly controlled rallies or media events. Another way to present the illusion of spontaneity is to have all of ones actions thought out beforehand and never deviate from the prepared script. This, in essence, is ‘creating history while others are left behind to comment’.
Repeatedly, over the course of the past six years, George W Bush has failed miserably at every opportunity to exhibit appropriate spontaneous leadership. I will not argue over whether he is indeed even capable of it, but the larger picture is that the committee or think tank behind him isn’t, by definition.

To come to the point, George W Bush is a facade, with inherent advantages and disadvantages. We have complained and groused and pointed out the advantages to little or no avail. I have come to the opinion that it is high time that we also should begin to exploit the disadvantages….

I was snarking around a couple of weeks ago with two satirical news releases “straight from the mouth” of the president, in regards to the Red Lakes tragedy. I did this out of anger, as usual, but the interesting thing that I found out is that for almost 3 days, I was the voice of the George W Bush in regards to this event as far as Google was concerned. The Rove Committee was unable to respond.

This got me to thinking about the possibility of identity theft. It seems to me that a false identity, or facade, should be even easier to steal! George could be stolen simply by being quicker to respond in the media during crises with our own more appropriate leadership stances that would be attributed to him

Imagine Scottie Mac standing before a press conference and denying that George W Bush said or did something that was an absolutely wonderful example of powerful and spontaneous leadership with a polled approval in the 90’s. If he accepts credit for it upon the part of the president… hey… we’re in control. We begin to wrest control from Rove either way…

I guess that the unethical proposal that I am making is that this community form some sort of “Black Ops” division that would begin to circulate believable stories and quotes from “dear leader” that could be attributed as satire if found out. Over the course of time, the current presidential facade of George W Bush would begin to pale in comparison, and we would begin to create history and force the “Rove Committee” to merely comment.

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