The Neo-Con element has jumped to the head of the parade of the conservative / republican movement. Yet many more libertarian conservatives don’t like this one bit, and even the muddled Buchanan types who have more than a few things right on foreign policy even if their domestic stuff is a mess.
I Came across a letter from Jude Wanniski — an old fashioned paleo-conservative — to Pat Buchanan urging him to get it straight regarding the one role of the UN. Generally, Libertarian Conservative types never see much good in the UN… but perhaps it is now time to realize that it is the lesser of the current evils. Dramatically so. Can’t say I’m entirely convinced by the argument, but the nature of things tells me an open forum for diplomacy is dramatically better than not, even if the system is generally quite bloated and corrupt. Says Jude:

If we now look back two years, to the days before the U.S. went to war against Iraq, I think you should acknowledge that the international political body proved far superior to our political national body in debating war and peace. The U.N., both General Assembly and Security Council, could clearly see that in March of 2003 there was no threat of weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein. He had been rendered toothless by the previous decade on U.N. inspections and U.S./British bombings. You and I could both see that the war was unnecessary, but don’t you agree you might not have felt that way unless you had seen how Saddam had buckled in every way to UNSC #1441? If we hadn’t watched the proceedings at the U.N. over that period, we might have gone along with Cheney, Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and signed up for war.

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