Well, now we know Bush isn’t a ladies man. With all his ‘mandates’, Texan swagger, macho talk makes one wonder who he does appeal to.

Esquire Poll Gives Bush Low Marks for Sex Appeal

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – He may be leader of the free world and Time magazine’s “Person of the Year,” but a new international survey of women makes certain that President Bush is far from being the sexiest man alive.
In a recent online poll conducted by Esquire magazine, 11,000 women in 15 countries were asked to rate Bush’s sex appeal on a scale of one to 10, and America’s commander-in-chief failed to register much more than a two.

Women in Australia, Germany and the Netherlands were the harshest judges of George W.’s sexual allure, giving him an average rating of 1.4 each, Esquire said in its survey released earlier this week.

By contrast, Indonesian women were the most generous, giving Bush an average score of 2.2; American women found their president slightly less appealing, rating him a 2.1


Sheesh- he’s lucky he got a #2 rating (ca-ca) LMAO!!

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