Raw Story: “MoveOn.org PAC will run sharp radio ads attack against the Democrats’ number two in the House, Democratic Whip, Steny Hoyer (D-MD) [and 10 Republicans].” The ads will be up tonight. Below: MoveOn’s been taking some heat + a poll
As an anonymous friend wrote in an e-mail to me yesterday:

There are two lessons to be learned here.  One is that Move-On clearly has been shaken by its previous non-stand followed by a weak stand on this issue.  They must have caught plenty of shit from their membership over this, and in reaction to that they have moved this to the front burner.  Move-On is learning that they have to be accountable too.


The votes on the bankruptcy bill were about nothing but money and power.  The credit card and banking industries have never been more profitable or more free of regulation.  They wrote this bill out of pure greed to make even more money off of those least able to afford it.  Most of the Democrats who voted for this bill did so only because they want to keep the campaign contributions from this sector rolling in.  I hope every one of them is challenged in the primaries next year.  It is time for Democrats and independents who care to let Democratic politicians who don’t care that they cannot count on our votes simply because they are not registered Republicans.

From the Raw Story breaking story:

The attack marks a new strategy for the group, which in the past has abetted campaigns of Democratic candidates.

The issue, it seems, is Hoyer’s vote on the bankruptcy bill, and what MoveOn sees as Hoyer’s failure to bring the party together against the bill. The bill has been mired in Congress for years, and a significant share of Democrats have always supported it.

This week, the bill passed 302-126; 73 Democrats supported the bill, and 125 were against it. President Bush is expected to sign the bill into law.

Progressives, particularly online bloggers, see the bankruptcy bill as a gift to the financial services industry. Democrats supporting the bill say it wasn’t what they would have passed were they in the majority, but that there were many good aspects and protections for low-income voters. Those opposing the bill disagree.

RAW STORY is expected to speak shortly with a spokesperson for MoveOn.org, and has placed calls to the House Democratic leadership.



MoveOn PAC


Read the MoveOn press release.

I’m off to visit my brother and mom, along with my daughter. So I’ll see all you punkins tonight. Be good. No. Don’t.

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